Saturday, June 14, 2003


0198 : Try to hear the stress on the dry little snares in this shower of metalic clunks, and it breaks the 4/4 symmetry of the kicks. The chiming rain never lets up though.

Friday, June 13, 2003


0197 is storming. Download it and I defy you not to dance round the room crazily like I'm doing right now!

It's using my patented[1] "multiple, random, analog synth riff laziness"

Most people use their virtual analog synths like this :

  • program a pattern,
  • repeat lots of times,
  • slowly and lovingly caress the filters, up and down, until you bring your synth orgasms of euphoric pleasure

Or maybe there are algorithms that fake the last move.

Well, it was great back in the days of Acid House (anyone remember "Electron" by "WildPlanet"?). But now it's become kind of cliched. (And I haven't figured out how to do this in Fruity Loops :-(.

So I like to bung in 3 or 4 random analog synth riffs, with slightly different settings. And then just throw them in semi-arbitrarily. One pattern might repeat, another might appear occasionally, sometimes several happen at one. I find this kind of thrilling. Instead of a uniform sound, you get sonic multitexturality, the kind of collision you get when an imaginative DJ is cutting and scratching different records together,

[1] only joking, but Creative Commonsed sounds clunky

Thursday, June 12, 2003

ILM : What music do you listen to when coding?
Funny, I thought I had the Creative Commons logo on this page already.

Well, it's there now. Remember kids, you can use BeatBlog beats in your own compositions, multi-media presentations, or loop 'em and MC over them.

0195 : More swinging. I do like a good 6/8 beat occasionally

0196 : Not sure what I make of this one. Bit of an insistent synth riff, kind of swamps everything. You could filter it. Or use for some psycho, paranoia.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Some interesting Exotic Scales
More thoughts on Folk vs. Pop

0193 : Swingin' tribal toms, made luminous by distortion.

0194 : Some X-Files spookiness

Bad luck you missed 'em : 0131-0133 gone today.

Last chance : 0134 some interesting, delicately flanged, polite crashing. Hard to describe but worth catching before it goes

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Today I'm also doing some Gbloink! maintainence.


Yesterday's beat (0190) was so much fun that I fancied another piece of frenetic, distorted, rage . But somehow, the distortion / echo combination I used on 0191 seems to have got into some weird cancelation thing. The beat erodes to almost nothing. Didn't plan it, but it's kind of interesting. 0192 is one of those telephone thangs.

Monday, June 09, 2003

Notice BeatBlog has an RSS feed? Not for the trivial words. But to support Beats in RSS enclosures. The problem is, I haven't tested it yet. The XML looks OK, but I need to try it with some aggregators that support enclosures.

Anyone got ideas which ones do? My Radio Userland trial license expired before I got this working, so I'm still looking for something free or that I can try it out with.

If you've managed to get the RSS feed working and BeatBlog enclosures downloading, please tell me

0190 is fast, distorted and furious. With a big crash of chiming, atonal guitar synth.
And hi to everyone who's now getting here redirected from the old URL. If you want, you can still go to the original BeatBlog page.
Quick bit of scripting today. As you can see, the beats are now on the column on the left hand side. And comments are added in a subsection of the wiki. Feel free to comment on the beats, tell me if you're using them in a piece of your own, etc.

(Remember all are public domain.)

Sunday, June 08, 2003

So, I'm unemployed. And I've got loads of time to listen to, think about and write about music.

So let's kick off. Today on the stereo : "Consolidated". Early 90s, ultrapolitical, ultra-politically correct, self styled "hardest, vegetarian, pro-choice, lesbian and gay supporting motherfuckers". Since Iraq 2, Consolidated are more relevant than ever. "Infomodities 92" was on the case of the Bush clan back during Iraq 1. Beats were pretty cool for the early 90s, mixing hip-hop and industrial. Some harsh electronic bleeps.

Check out ...

America Number 1, Consolidated, Infomodities 92, This is a Collective