Thursday, July 17, 2003


0221 and 0222 : I dunno. Can't discribe, echoey, bippy kind of loops. O221 has a heavy synth riff for most of it, 0222 is more subtle.

Don't Miss

0176 : glassy, clunky synth workout.
I'm a big Current 93 fan, and today I'm excited to receive my copy of England's Hidden Reverse from Amazon UK, which only took about a week (to Brazil). Lucky I got it from Amazon UK, because the US are having a lot of problems.

Q : But phil, I never figured you as someone to get off on all that spiritualism and mysticism stuff!

A : You're right. In real life I have no interest at all. In art, it adds a certain flavour. And I often find Tibet's lyrics hilarious. (See a comparison with Momus)

But, strange as it seems, I really like C93 (and Nurse with Wound) for the music. One of the things I realized is that it reminds me of my youth, messing about with a 4-track bedroom studio. It's all fun and play with recording. Instrumental technique seems incidental, sometimes there are clearly musicians playing well. Other times, inept, amateurism is sufficient. The elements could be seen as trash : punky guitar strumming, fake celtic folk music, simplistic tape collages and sound manipulation, hammily intoned gothic poetry. And yet, these elements add up to something greater, a sense of exhilerating freedom : "We're doing just what we like". It's stunning, and hypnotic, scary, and beautiful.

And suddenly a phrase strikes you, because of it's absurdity - often a collision of the apocalyptic and mundane - and resonantes : the second thing [God icreated, to scare children] was an old rocking horse which moves on it's own, and a discoloured doll, moving occasionally Fantastic!

Wednesday, July 16, 2003


0220 : the aliens are landing for some hard-housey action.

0219 : lopes along, like a dancing elephant ... some spooky stuff too

Tuesday, July 15, 2003


0218 : Funky melodic bongos

You missed 'em

Clearing up some space for other projects, so up to 0175