Saturday, June 28, 2003


Some slightly shocking sounds going on at the moment which need a bit of explanation.

Clicking the wrong radio button in my P2P file sharer one day, took me into a hitherto unexplored world of downloadable pr0n. I yield to no-one in my naivety about such things, but I was still shocked by the implied violence of it all. Short porn films gather layers of extra descriptive names, trying to "sell" themselves to the downloader much like commercial web-pages add irrelevant meta keyword tags.

Depressingly there were the internet cliches of "preteen" and "lolita". I hope this was just hype rather than reality, but it's disturbing that these are the memes that prevail in the name space.

I was more shocked by the frequency of "real rape" and "forced". Even if it's fiction, why the hell do so many people (men) seem to be getting off on this fantasy? Looks like Andrea is right, and Momus is wrong.

Weirder was the "she's my wife / girlfriend" key phrase. It's hardly likely to be true, and why would you pretend, and why would I care? OTOH go read the intro to Dworkin's "Pornography", there are some sick bastards around.

So, I offer you, in the spirit of the rather illustrative industrial music styles of my youth - and really I'm too old to be doing something this adolescent, but what the hell, on the internet no one knows you're a dog - beats 0208 and 0209 : pornography as violence against women.

I'd like to say that in reality no women were hurt in the production of these beats. But I can't because, as Dworkin says : "pornography is the orchestrated destruction of women's bodies and souls", and no one can say if those involved were damaged. I can promise that I didn't download anything advertising violence or underage sex. All sounds are derived from movies at the "soft" end, that at least portrayed themselves as about consenting, non sado-masochist adults. The extraordinary roaring on 0208 seems to be the result of a badly connected / placed microphone, and the ferocity in 0209 has been added with the distortion effect. The scream in 0208 comes from a Llamasoft video game.

So, bad taste? Yep. Confused politics? Yep. Not what you'd expect from someone as politically correct as me? Yep. Can you explain please Phil because I think I've just lost all my respect for you? I guess the "name of art" is a lousy explanation but it's all I can offer at the moment. It sounds better than "an afternoon of prurient curiosity" anyway.


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0155 : Return of the space invaders

0156 : Recommended, another of those irie, melancholic things over a swingy beat

Monday, June 23, 2003


0207 : It's clap happy ... without the happy.

0206 : A jaunty little number, haunted by a blurred vocal sample.

Sunday, June 22, 2003 on Hugh Le Cain
ILM are looking for creepy ambient music

0205 : Are high pitched, electro toms back? You decide.