Thursday, September 04, 2003


0236 : Woah! This is MONSTROUS! Stop-start tricksy, syncapations from a loop at two slightly different speeds, luminous synth toms, soul claps. Then a big slab of Moogalike riffs takes it to the next level. Whoahahaha !

0235 : Slimy analogue synths slink between the carboniferous trees of a primordeal woodland.

0234 : Samples a horrendously emphatic Flash advert that turned up on a web page. For obvious reasons I'm not putting this one into Creative Commons public domain or indemnifying you against being sued for using it. Use at own risk.

0233 : Listen to that build-up. I like this sort of "start without much recognisable pulse" thing, then add more drums to reveal the groove.

Sunday, August 31, 2003

Simon Reynolds reveals that Omni Trio's Rob Haigh was once in the NWW / United Dairies circle.